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Coverdisk Archive – PC Zone

Posted on October 7th, 2016

PC Zone was one of my favourite magazines full of British humour and a total lack of respect for pushy games companies. When a publisher, after a particular honest and brutal review, refused to give them any more game for review (that’ll learn um!)… they simply bought the games and reviewed them in the next issue.

Then there’s Charlie Brooker. Who can forget “The Lara Croft Cruelty Zoo”  (later reprinted as “Doctor Helmut Werstler’s Cruelty Zoo” after it was pulled from the shelves of W.H. Smiths).

It ran from April 1993 until September 2010. Find out more at archive.orgoldgamemags.com/pc-zone/ and magazinesfromthepast.wikia.com/wiki/PC_Zone.

They also annoyingly didn’t label all the cover floppies with a date or issue number. I’ll try work these out from content or other resources as I go. If you can fill in any blanks, let me know.

You can see some of my scans of the first and last issue in PC Zone RIP.

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PC Zone – 1993

 PCZ_Issue002_Disk01_label Issue: 02 – May 1993

Archive: PCZ_Issue002_Disk01.zip

Directory ListingPCZ_Issue002_Disk01_Listing.txt


  • Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist

PC Zone – 1994

 PCZ_Issue013_Disk01_label Issue: 13 – April 1994

Archive: PCZ_Issue013_Disk01.zip

Directory ListingPCZ_Issue013_Disk01_Listing.txt


  • Cannon Fodder
 PCZ_Issue014_Disk01_label Issue: 14 – May 1994

Archive: PCZ_Issue014_Disk01.zip

Directory ListingPCZ_Issue014_Disk01_Listing.txt


  • Battle Isle 2
 PCZ_Issue015_Disk01_label Issue: 15 – June 1994

Archive: PCZ_Issue015_Disk01.zip

Directory ListingPCZ_Issue015_Disk01_Listing.txt


  • Doom Editor and Level
  • Corridor 7
  • The HackMaster (game hacking utility)
 PCZ_Issue020_Disk01_label Issue: 20 – November 1994

Archive: PCZ_Issue020_Disk01.zip

Directory ListingPCZ_Issue020_Disk01_Listing.txt


  • Master of Magic

PC Zone – 1995

 PCZ_Issue031_Disk01_label Issue: 31 – October 1995

Archive: PCZ_Issue031_Disk01.zip

Directory ListingPCZ_Issue031_Disk01_Listing.txt


  • Threat

PC Zone – 1996

 PCZ_Issue037_Disk01_label Issue: 37 – March 1996 (Disk 1 of 2)

Archive: PCZ_Issue037_Disk01.zip

Directory ListingPCZ_Issue037_Disk01_Listing.txt


  • Advanced Civilization
 PCZ_Issue037_Disk02_label Issue: 37 – March 1996 (Disk 2 of 2)

Archive: PCZ_Issue037_Disk02.zip

Directory ListingPCZ_Issue037_Disk02_Listing.txt


  • Advanced Civilization
 PCZ_Issue038_Disk01_label Issue: 38 – April 1996 (Disk 1 of 3)

Archive: PCZ_Issue038_Disk01.zip

Directory ListingPCZ_Issue038_Disk01_Listing.txt


  • Toshinden
 PCZ_Issue038_Disk02_label Issue: 38 – April 1996 (Disk 2 of 3)

Archive: PCZ_Issue038_Disk02.zip

Directory ListingPCZ_Issue038_Disk02_Listing.txt


  • Toshinden
 PCZ_Issue038_Disk03_label Issue: 38 – April 1996 (Disk 3 of 3)

Archive: PCZ_Issue038_Disk03.zip

Directory ListingPCZ_Issue038_Disk03_Listing.txt


  • Toshinden