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Coverdisk Archive – Personal Computer World

Posted on October 14th, 2016

Personal Computer World was the first British PC magazine running from 1978 to 2009.

It wasn’t one of the magazines that really appealed to me, it was more “IT Industry” focused and seemed to be about 50% ads (it was a BIG magazine). However, much like buying breakfast cereal for the free gift, I was persuaded to buy the odd issues for the cover floppy.

You can see more at the British Centre for Computing History.

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Personal Computer World – 1994

 PCW_March1994_Disk1_label Issue: March 1994

Archive: PCW_March1994_Disk1.zip

Directory ListingPCW_March1994_Disk1_Listing.txt


  • Armour-Geddon (Full Psygnosis game – part 1 of 3)
 PCW_April1994_Disk1_label Issue: April 1994

Archive: PCW_April1994_Disk1.zip

Directory ListingPCW_April1994_Disk1_Listing.txt


  • Armour-Geddon (Full Psygnosis game – part 2 of 3)
  • Marketeer (The best program available for marketing)
  • Walking Fingers (Brilliant database/notepad for Windows)
 PCW_May1994_Disk1_label Issue: May 1994

Archive: PCW_May1994_Disk1.zip

Directory ListingPCW_May1994_Disk1_Listing.txt


  • Armour-Geddon (Full Psygnosis game – part 3 of 3)
  • CD-Man
  • ABM Command
 PCW_October1994_Disk1_label Issue: October 1994

Archive: PCW_October1994_Disk1.zip

Directory ListingPCW_October1994_Disk1_Listing.txt


  • Bomber (DOS arcade game)
  • Hocus Pocus (DOS arcade game)
  • Marble (Windows puzzle game)
  • Savers (3 fractal Windows screen savers)
  • Superbar (Powerful Windows add-on)

Personal Computer World – 1996

 PCW_January1996_Disk1_label Issue: January 1996

Archive: PCW_January1996_Disk1.zip

Directory ListingPCW_January1996_Disk1_Listing.txt


  • Cyberpunk (Amazing 3D scrolling action game with a twist!)
 PCW_June1996_Disk1_label Issue: June 1996

Archive: PCW_June1996_Disk1.zip

Directory ListingPCW_June1996_Disk1_Listing.txt


  • Prairie Dog Hunt Pro(Great shooting game)
  • WinZone
  • SmartBoard
 PCW_November1996_Disk1_label Issue: November 1996

Archive: PCW_November1996_Disk1.zip

Directory ListingPCW_November1996_Disk1_Listing.txt


  • World Rally Fever!