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Coverdisk Archive – PC Gamer

Posted on October 18th, 2016

PC Gamer launched in the UK in December 1993 with the US edition following soon after in 1994. It was a solid magazine but I always felt it lacked the humour and personality of magazines like PC Zone. But having said that, it’s the only PC Magazine left on the newsagent shelves (unless you count Micro Mart – I don’t, it’s terrible), so they must have done something right.

The PC shelf space has been taken over a mass of Linux and Raspberry Pi mags and “bookzines” and that’s no bad thing, but I do miss the PC Gaming mags.

For more information check out oldgamemags.com/pc-gamer/ and magazinesfromthepast.wikia.com/wiki/PC_Gamer.

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PC Gamer – 1995

 PCG_April1995_Disk01_label Issue: April 1995 (Disk 1)

Archive: PCG_April1995_Disk01.zip

Directory ListingPCG_April1995_Disk01_Listing.txt


  • Harpoon Classic
 PCG_April1995_Disk02_label Issue: April 1995 (Disk 2)

Archive: PCG_April1995_Disk02.zip

Directory ListingPCG_April1995_Disk02_Listing.txt


  • X-COM Terror From The Deep
 PCG_December1995_Disk01_label Issue: December 1995 (Disk 1)

Archive: PCG_December1995_Disk01.zip

Directory ListingPCG_December1995_Disk01_Listing.txt


  • World Rally Fever!
 PCG_December1995_Disk02_label Issue: December 1995 (Disk 2)

Archive: PCG_December1995_Disk02.zip

Directory ListingPCG_December1995_Disk02_Listing.txt


  • Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare

PC Gamer – 1996

 PCG_January1996_Disk02_label Issue: January 1996 (Disk 2)

Archive: PCG_January1996_Disk02.zip

Directory ListingPCG_January1996_Disk02_Listing.txt


  • Tempest 2000
 PCG_March1996_Disk01_label Issue: March 1996 (Disk 1)

Archive: PCG_March1996_Disk01.zip

Directory ListingPCG_March1996_Disk01_Listing.txt


  • Abuse
 PCG_March1996_Disk02_label Issue: March 1996 (Disk 1)

Archive: PCG_March1996_Disk02.zip

Directory ListingPCG_March1996_Disk02_Listing.txt


  • Abuse
  • Duke Nukem
  • The DOOM 2 “Quake” WAD